Christian Worship Acknowledging God’s Hand. Morning.

What secret hand, at morning light,
Softly unseals mine eye,
Draws back the curtain of the night,
And opens earth and sky;

‘Tis thine, my God,-the same that kept
My resting hours from harm;
No ill came nigh me, for I slept
Beneath th’ Almighty’s arm.

‘Tis thine, my daily bread that brings,
Like manna scattered round,
And clothes me, as the lily springs
In beauty from the ground.

In death’s dark valley though I stray
‘Twould there my steps attend,
Guide with the staff my lonely way,
And with the rod defend.

May that sure hand uphold me still
Through life’s uncertain race,
To bring me to thy holy hill,
And to thy dwelling-place.