Christian Worship Blessings Of Christ’s Universal Reign.

When God descends with men to dwell,
And all creation makes anew,
What tongue can half the wonders tell?
What eye the dazzling glories view?

Zion, the desolate, again
Shall see her lands with roses bloom;
And Carmel’s mount, and Sharon’s plain,
Shall yield their spices and perfume.

Celestial streams shall gently flow;
The wilderness shall joyful be;
Lilies on parchéd ground shall grow;
And gladness spring on every tree;

The weak be strong, the fearful bold,
The deaf shall hear, the dumb shall sing,
The lame shall walk, the blind behold;
And joy through all the earth shall ring.

Monarchs and slaves shall meet in love;
Old pride shall die, and meekness reign,-
When God descends from worlds above,
To dwell with men on earth again.