Christian Worship Breathe Thoughts Of Pity O’er A Brother’s Fall

Breathe thoughts of pity o’er a brother’s fall,
But dwell not with stern anger on his fault;
The grace of God alone holds thee, holds all;
Were that withdrawn, thou, too, wouldst swerve and halt.

Send back the wand’rer to the Saviour’s fold;
That were an action worthy of a saint;
But not in malice let the crime be told,
Nor publish to the world the evil taint.

The Saviour suffers when his children slide;
Then is his holy name by men blasphemed
And he afresh is mocked and crucified,
Even by those his bitter death redeemed.

Rebuke the sin, and yet in love rebuke;
Feel as one member in another’s pain;
Win back the soul that his fair path forsook,
And mighty and rejoicing is thy gain!