Christian Worship Charge To A Pastor.

Herald of the Lord’s salvation,
Watchful in thy station stand;
Heed the heavenly proclamation,
Heed the Master’s great command.
Mark old error’s gathering forces
Compassing our Zion round;
Know in truth thine own resources,
Give the trumpet’s certain sound!

Christ proclaim in the new station,
Herald, now assigned to thee;
That the waiting congregation
God’s salvation here may see.
Christ proclaim-no line abating
Of the counsel of the Lord;
From no promise deviating;
From no precept; preach the word.

Then, God’s blessing resting o’er thee,
And his truth, by night, by day,
Cloud and pillar bright before thee,
Shall make glad thy gospel way;
Till thy work well done, the greeting
Of the Master will be given;
Till we rise to that one meeting-
Pastor-people-all-in heaven!