Christian Worship Death Of A Minister.

On Zion’s holy walls
Is quenched a beacon-light,
In vain the watchman calls-
Sentry! what of the night?
No answering voice is here,
Say-does the soldier sleep?
O yes-upon the bier,
His watch no more to keep.

Still is that heaven-touched tongue,
Pulseless the throbbing breast;
That voice with music strung,
Forever put to rest.
To rest? A living thought,
Undimmed, unquenched, he soars
An essence, spirit-wrought,
Of yon immortal shores.

Peace to thee, man of God!
Thine earthly toils are o’er,
The thorny path is trod,
The Shepherd trod before,-
Full well he kept his word-
I’m with thee to the end;
Fear not! I am the Lord,
Thy never-failing friend!

We weave no dirge for thee,
It should not call a tear
To know that thou art free;
Thy home-it was not here!
Joy to thee, man of God!
Thy heaven-course is begun,
Unshrinking, thou has trod
Death’s vale,-thy race is run.