Christian Worship Evening Hymn With Nature.

To Thee, my God! to thee I bring
The evening’s grateful offering;
From thee, the source of joy above,
Flow everlasting streams of love;
And all the rays of light that shine,
And bless creation, Lord! are thine.

The morn, when stepping down the hills-
The noon, which all creation fills
With glory; evening’s placid fall,
The twilight and the raven pall
Of midnight; all alike proclaim
Thy great, thine all impressive name.

And from the little worm, whose light
Shines palely through the shades of night,
Up to the sparkling stars that run
Their evening rounds-or glorious sun,
Rolling his car to twilight’s rest-
All, all in thee is bright and blest.

And over all-above, below,
We see thee-ever-present thou!
In every wandering rill that flows,
In every gentle breeze that blows;
In every rising, setting sun,
We trace thee-own thee-holy One!

Yes! in the mid-day’s fervid beams,
And in the midnight’s shadowy dreams,
In action and repose, we see,
We recognize and worship thee;
To thee our worthiest songs would give,
And in thee die, and to thee live.