Christian Worship For A Charitable Meeting.

God of the poor! whose listening ear
Is sought by want’s imploring cry,-
Whose bounty and whose grace are near,
Thy needy children to supply:-

To whom with more acceptance rise
The words of mercy’s voice divine,
Than pompous rites, or sacrifice
Of flocks and herds, of oil and wine.

Where’er the poor our aid demand,
Teach us with ready steps to move,
Give us the zealous heart and hand
To do the work of Christian love;-

The downcast spirit to revive,
The fainting heart with joy to bless;
To bid the solitary live-
The widow and the fatherless.

Thus will we thank thee that thy grace
Inclined our feet in paths to go
Where shines that brightness of thy face,
Which the obedient only know.