Christian Worship For A Public Hospital Or Asylum.

When, like a stranger on our sphere,
The lowly Jesus wandered here,
Where’er he went, affliction fled.
And sickness reared her fainting head.

Demoniac madness, dark and wild,
In his inspiring presence smiled;
The storm of horror ceased to roll,
And reason lightened through the soul.

Through paths of loving-kindness led,
Where Jesus triumphed, we would tread;
To all, with willing hands, dispense
The crumbs of our benevolence.

Here the whole family of woe
Shall friends, and home, and comfort know;
The blasted form and shipwrecked mind
Shall here a tranquil haven find.

And Thou, dread Power, whose sovereign breath
Is health or sickness, life or death,
This favored mansion deign to bless;
The cause is thine-send thou success!