Christian Worship How Blest, Amid All Blessing

How blest, amid all blessing
This changing world bestows,
That soul in truth possessing
Pity for others’ woes;
Ready to move and lighten
The load affliction bears-
Want’s face with joy to brighten,
In deed, as with its prayers.

Thus Christ, the Friend and Servant
Of man, depressed and poor-
With ready soul and fervent-
With patience to endure-
Lived, labored without measure
In mercy’s holy name,
God’s will his highest pleasure,
Our good his only fame.

And those who in his spirit
Would seek to live and move,
His virtue must inherit,
And labor in his love;
Labor where poor, forsaken,
And lowly, sufferers lie;
In faith and hope unshaken;
Celestial ministry!

God of all times and stations!
Teach us this lesson true,-
Proclaim it to all nations
In life and power anew,-
That high above all praises-
All prayers-is that unfeigned,
Glad offering Mercy raises,
By living deeds sustained!