Christian Worship I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life.

Thou art the Way-and he who sighs
Amid this starless waste of woe
To find a pathway to the skies,
A light from heaven’s eternal glow-
By thee must come, thou Gate of love,
Through which the saints undoubting trod,
Till faith discovers, like the dove,
An ark, a resting-place in God.

Thou art the Truth-whose steady day
Shines on through earthly blight and bloom,
The pure, the everlasting ray,
The lamp that shines e’en in the tomb;
The light that out of darkness springs,
And guideth those that blindly go;
The word whose precious radiance flings
Its lustre upon all below.

Thou art the Life-the blessed well,
With living waters gushing o’er,
Which those that drink shall ever dwell
Where sin and thirst are known no more.
Thou art the mystic pillar given,
Our lamp by night, our light by day;
Thou art the sacred bread from heaven;
Thou art the Life-the Truth-the Way.