Christian Worship Influence Of Christian Woman Matthew 26:13

Where’er my Gospel is proclaimed,
Through the long ages yet to be,
There shall this deed of love be named
Which she this hour hath done for me.

Lord, while our eyes on Mary rest,
And see the precious perfume poured,
With thrilling power our thoughts invest
The sacred record of thy word.

We bring to God, in thy dear name,
The tribute of our grateful praise.
For many a deed, unknown to fame,
Where woman her true homage pays.

The wife, the mother, sister, friend,-
All holy may her influence be!
The sweetness of her kindness blend
With Temperance, Truth, and Charity.

Oh not a work is wrought in vain
Where love like Mary’s fills the heart;
Memorials of that love remain,
A sacred influence to impart.