Christian Worship Invitation.

Pilgrim, burdened with thy sin,
Come the way to Zion’s gate,
There, till mercy speaks within,
Knock, and weep, and watch and wait-
Knock-he knows the sinner’s cry,
Weep-he loves the mourner’s tears,
Watch-for saving grace is nigh,
Wait-till heavenly grace appears.

Hark, it is thy Saviour’s voice!
Welcome, pilgrim, to thy rest.
Now within the gate rejoice,
Safe, and owned, and bought and blest-
Safe-from all the lures of vice,
Owned-by joys the contrite know,
Bought-by love and life the price,
Blest-the mighty debt to owe!

Holy pilgrim! what for thee,
In a world like this, remains?
From thy guarded breast shall flee
Fear, and shame, and doubt and pains-
Fear-the hope of heaven shall fly,
Shame-from glory’s view retire,
Doubt-in full belief shall die,
Pain-in endless bliss expire.