Christian Worship No Loud Avenging Voice

No loud avenging voice
Proclaimed Messiah’s birth;
The Son of God came down to teach
Humility on earth,
And by his sufferings to efface
The errors of a sinful race.

Not on a purple throne,
With gold and jewels crowned,
But in the meanest dwelling place
The precious babe was found:
Yet star-directed sages came,
And kneeling, glorified his name.

To shepherds first was shown
The promised boon of heaven,
Who cried, To us a child is born-
To us a Son is given!
Death from his mighty throne was hurled,
Faith hailed Salvation to the world.

Lord! may thy holy cross
Bear peace from clime to clime,
Till all mankind at length are freed
From sorrow, shame and crime:
Dispel the unbeliever’s gloom,
And end the terrors of the tomb!