Christian Worship Omnipresence Of God.

Above, below, where’er I gaze,
Thy guiding finger, Lord, I view,
Traced in the midnight planets’ blaze,
Or glist’ning in the morning dew:
Whate’er is beautiful or fair,
Is but thine own reflection there.

And when the radiant orb of light
Hath tipped the mountain tops with gold
Smote with the blaze, my weary sight
Shrinks from the wonders I behold;
That ray of glory, bright and fair,
Is but thy living shadow there.

Thine is the silent noon of night,
The twilight eve, the dewy morn;
Whate’er is beautiful and bright,
Thy hands have fashioned to adorn.
Thy glory walks in every sphere,
And all things whisper, God is here.