Christian Worship Pardon.

Soft are the fruitful showers that bring
The welcome promise of the spring,
And soft the vernal gale:
Sweet the wild warblings of the grove,
The voice of nature and of love,
That gladden every vale.

But softer in the mourner’s ear
Sounds the mild voice of mercy near,
That whispers sins forgiven;
And sweeter far the music swells,
When to the raptured soul she tells
Of peace and promised heaven.

Fair are the flowers that deck the ground;
And groves and gardens blooming round,
Unnumbered charms unfold:
Bright is the sun’s meridian ray,
And bright the beams of setting day,
That robe the clouds in gold.

But far more fair the pious breast,
In richer robes of goodness dressed,
Where heaven’s own graces shine;
And brighter far the prospects rise,
That burst on faith’s delighted eyes,
From glories all divine.