Christian Worship Remonstrance With The Jews.

Why on the bending willows hung,
Israel! still sleeps thy tuneful string?-
Still mute remains thy sullen tongue,
And Zion’s song denies to sing?

Awake! thy sweetest raptures raise;
Let harp and voice unite their strains
Thy promised King his sceptre sways;
Jesus, thine own Messiah, reigns!

No taunting foes the song require:
No strangers mock thy captive chain:
But friends provoke the silent lyre,
And brethren ask the holy strain.

Nor fear thy Salem’s hills to wrong,
If other lands thy triumph share:
A heavenly city claims thy song;
A brighter Salem rises there.

By foreign streams no longer roam;
Nor, weeping, think of Jordan’s flood:
In every clime behold a home,
In every temple see thy God.