Christian Worship Sabbath Hymn With Nature.

King of the world! I worship thee:
Lord of the mind! the Sabbath’s thine:-
A contrite heart, a bended knee,
To-day shall be my corn, my wine.
A choral song for sacrifice
Will mount as fire, and heavenward own
The green-leaved earth, through joys and sighs
A satellite round Mercy’s throne.

The moon comes up to wake the dew,
And hang a star on every leaf;
The sun can take a rainbow hue,
To kiss away the meadow’s grief;
The wave will lay its buoyance by,
To let the cloud take anchor there;
Earth, through her flowers, salutes the sky;
The sky meets earth in balmy air.

And I was born to see and say
How beauty beams, without, within:
From the fly, made to gild a day,
To my own soul, outliving sin.
Even now I feel thy cherubim
Have come to me from thee, All-wise!-
Then, Silence, thou shalt be my hymn,
And thought, my only sacrifice.