Christian Worship Sabbath Morning.

Dear is the hallowed morn to me,
When Sabbath bells awake the day,
And, by their sacred minstrelsy,
Call me from earthly cares away.

And dear to me the wingéd hour,
Spent in thy hallowed courts, O Lord!
To feel devotion’s soothing power,
And catch the manna of thy word.

And dear to me the loud Amen,
Which echoes through the blest abode,
Which swells and sinks, and swells again,
Dies on the walls, but lives to God.

Oft when the world, with iron hands,
Has bound me in its six days’ chain,
This bursts them, like the strong man’s bands,
And lets my spirit loose again.

Go, man of pleasure, strike thy lyre,
Of broken Sabbaths sing the charms;
Ours be the prophet’s car of fire
That bears us to a Father’s arms.