Christian Worship The Church Exulting In The Government Of Jehovah.

Ye subjects of the Lord! proclaim
The royal honors of his name:
Jehovah reigns! be all our song.
‘T is He, thy God, O Zion, reigns!
Prepare thy most harmonious strains
Glad hallelujahs to prolong.

Tremble, ye pageants of a day,
Formed, like your slaves, of brittle clay!
Down to the dust your sceptres bend;
To everlasting years He reigns,
And undiminished state maintains,
When kings, and suns, and time shall end.

So shall his favored Zion live:
In vain confed’rate nations strive
Her sacred turrets to destroy;
Her Sov’reign sits enthroned above,
And endless power and endless love
Ensure her safety and her joy.