Christian Worship The Cloud And Pillar Of Fire.

Long as the darkening cloud abode,
So long did ancient Israel rest;
Nor moved they, till the guiding Lord
In brighter garments stood confest.

Father of spirits, Light of light,
Lift up the cloud, and rend the veil;
Shine forth in fire, amid that night,
Whose blackness makes the heart to fail.

‘T is done! to Christ the power is given;
His death has rent the veil away,
Our great Forerunner entered heaven,
And oped the gate of endless day.

Nor shall those mists that brood o’er time,
Forever blind the mental eye;
They backward roll, and light sublime
Beams glory from our God on high.

Adoring nations hail the dawn,
All kingdoms bless the noontide beam,
And light, unfolding life’s full morn,
Is vast creation’s deathless theme.