Christian Worship The Gospel Gives Peace And Rest.

Peace, troubled soul, whose plaintive moan
Hath taught these rocks the notes of woe;
Cease thy complaints, suppress thy groan,
And let thy tears forget to flow:
Behold the precious balm is found,
Which lulls thy pain, which heals thy wound.

Come, freely come; by sin oppressed,
Unburden here the weighty load,
Here find thy refuge and thy rest,
And trust the mercy of thy God:
Thy God’s thy Father,-glorious word!
Forever love and praise the Lord.

As spring the winter, day the night,
Peace sorrow’s gloom shall chase away,
And smiling joy, a seraph bright,
Shall tend thy steps and near thee stay;
Whilst glory weaves th’ immortal crown,
And waits to claim thee for her own.