Christian Worship The Joy Of Social Worship.

How good and pleasant is the sight,
How great the bliss they share,
When Christ’s assembled flock unite
In acts of social prayer!
God thither, with paternal care,
His face benignant bends;
And Jesus, by his spirit there,
On faithful hearts descends.

To such, by hallowed lips expressed,
His grace confirms his word,
As once Cornelius’ house it blest,
From holy Peter heard:
On prayer and praise, in faith preferred,
His heavenly dew is shed;
And he to all, who come prepared,
Dispenses heavenly bread.

To God, adored in ages past,
Enthroned in majesty,-
To God, whose worship aye shall last
Throughout eternity,-
To thee, Great God, we bend the knee,
And in the Holy Ghost,
Through Christ, all glory give to thee,
With all thy heavenly host.