Christian Worship The Mariner’s Hymn.

Lord of the sea!-thy potent sway
Old ocean’s wildest waves obey;
The gale that whistles through the shrouds,
The storm that drives the frighted clouds,-
If but thy whisper order peace,
How soon their rude commotions cease!

Lord of the sea!-the seaman keep
From all dangers of the deep!
When high the white-capped billows rise,
When tempests roar along the skies,
When foes or shoals awaken fear,-
O, in thy mercy be thou near.

Lord of the sea!-a sea is life
Of care and sorrow, woe and strife!
With watchful pains we steer along,
To keep the right path, shun the wrong:
God grant, that, when we cease to roam,
We gain an everlasting home!