Christian Worship The Wilderness Transformed Isaiah 41:18, 19

Amazing, beauteous change!
A world created new!
My thoughts with transport range,
The lovely scene to view:
In all I trace,
The work is thine;
Saviour divine,
Be thine the praise!

See crystal fountains play
Amidst the burning sands;
The river’s winding way
Shines through the thirsty lands;
New grass is seen,
Its carpet spreads
And o’er the meads
Of living green.

Where pointed brambles grew,
Entwined with horrid thorn,
Gay flowers, forever new,
The painted fields adorn;
The blushing rose,
In union fair,
And lily there,
Their sweets disclose.

The tyrants of the plain
Their savage chase give o’er;
No more they rend the slain.
And thirst for blood no more;
But infant hands
And lions yoke
Fierce tigers stroke,
In flowery bands.

O, when, Almighty Lord,
Shall these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word,
And bless our wondering eyes?
That earth may raise,
United songs
With all its tongues,
Of ardent praise.