Christian Worship The World To Come.

There is a world we have not seen,
That wasting time can ne’er destroy,
Where mortal footstep hath not been,
Nor ear hath caught its sounds of joy.

That world to come! and O how blest!-
Fairer than prophets ever told;
And never did an angel-guest
One half its blessedness unfold.

It is all holy and serene,-
The land of glory and repose;
And there, to dim the radiant scene,
No tear of sorrow ever flows.

It is not fanned by summer gale;
‘Tis not refreshed by vernal showers;
It never needs the moon-beam pale,
For there are known no evening hours.

There forms unseen by mortal eye,
Too glorious for our sight to bear,
Are walking with their God on high,
And waiting our arrival there.